Cloud Computing


For managed service providers like Haptech, cloud computing is the delivery of an application, process, or other computing resource as a service over the internet. Almost everything businesses use in their day-to-day IT can now be put into the cloud: servers, storage space, databases, contact managers, accounting programs, e-mail programs, etc.

  • SaaS: “Software as a service,” or on-demand software, utilizes a web browser to access applications over the internet. SaaS has become mainstream for many business applications, including Office and Messaging software, Management software, CAD programs, accounting programs, CRM, MIS, ERP, and HRM software.
  • PaaS: “Platform as a service” delivers solutions including operating systems, programming execution environments, database servers, and web apps that are typically used by developers.
  • IaaS: “Infrastructure as a service” offers virtualized machines, servers, firewalls, switches, load balancers and other network equipment.
  • NaaS: “Network as a service” provides a network connectivity services to the user. NaaS services generally involve bandwidth control, WAN optimization, and VPN gateways as well as virtual network management.

Let Haptech help you utilize cloud services in tandem or standalone to yield robust results. We will work with your business to establish a best-fit model in order to deliver a neatly packaged cloud solution.

Why use the cloud?

Many businesses are transitioning their delivery model for IT services to the cloud. Haptech will help you evaluate your strategy as it pertains to owning and maintaining IT assets. The benefits of using cloud services are many.

  • High flexibility and scalability: Quickly and effectively meet business demands.
  • Reduced spending on technology infrastructure: Drastically lower high initial purchasing costs, maintenance costs, insurance costs, and licensing fees.
  • Globalize your workforce and improve accessibility: Generally, employees can access the cloud from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and at any time.
  • Enhanced security: Your critical data is all stored offsite, so there is less worry of theft or disaster resulting in data loss.
  • Uptime: Maximize the time your business is up and running due to low-risk cloud environments.

We practice what we preach.

Haptech uses Cloud services every day as a business advantage. We can help you to make the most of it too.  Contact us.