Haptech provides superior managed IT services to companies of all fields and sizes through cutting-edge technology methods. We cater to the needs of individual companies, allowing them to grow as they go, meaning we provide the utmost flexibility and scalability of service. We offer technology hosting, monitoring & management, disaster prevention & recovery, 24x7x365 remote support, and limitless other tech solutions.

IT Support and Management

Gain access to our world-class support staff and best practices-driven IT management and strategy.

IT Consulting and Projects

Our team of skilled consultants will design a unique solution to align technology with your business objectives.

Cloud Services

Let us provide your business with a full complement of cloud services to lower your cost, maximize your up-time, and enhance security.

Staff Placement

Haptech on-site IT placement offers businesses qualified professionals who possess the right level of technical skills and industry exposure.

We take time to understand the technology requirements of your business, and to ensure that these requirements are met through our knowledge, experience and expertise. Rather than leading with specific IT solutions, we take the time to understand what IT initiatives are most valuable to your business by performing a gap analysis. To do this, we simply measure where you are today (current state), and where you wish to be in the future (desired state). We then work with you to put an action plan in place to move you towards the desired state, custom-tailoring IT services and solutions to fit with your budget and schedule.