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Haptech is a leading IT managed services provider, specializing in the small and medium business sector. Founded in Southern California by a team of young, well-educated, and strongly motivated entrepreneurs, Haptech stays true to its roots by maintaining a high level of vitality. With over twenty years of experience, our founders draw upon their backgrounds to focus on combining business and technology in an innovative, flexible, and practical manner that is effectively delivered to our clients.

What’s in a name?

Everything! Haptech derives its name from the Greek word haptikos, pertaining to the sense of touch. Although our company bases its services around remote, unseen technologies, we want our customers to feel as if we are working with them hand-in-hand. Our delivery of solutions to clientele is so tangible that it feels virtually hands-on.

Our goal is to build the best and most sustainable team-driven IT organization possible. We always over-deliver, continually exceeding customer expectations.

It is in our best interest to satisfy customers! Through our constant building and maintenance of healthy client relations, clients themselves help fuel our growth. We strive to offer real-dollar value and competence to them every day so that client loyalty can act as a foundation upon which to cultivate future relationships.

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